Media relations

You need:

  • to inform about news and achievements of your business
  • to reach quickly a large audience
  • to establish communication with media important to your company
  • to start a discussion on a topic of public interest

The agency’s team of experts analyzes the media environment and identifies media, which is important for a certain company. We conduct audit on the media communications in order to assess the extent to which they are effective and how they can be bettered. We also establish and maintain excellent relations with journalists. With the purpose of attracting their attention, we prepare interesting content. It is being distributed through press releases, media pitches, comments, blitz news and exclusive materials. AMI Communications offers interviews with interesting interlocutors and replies to journalists’ inquiries in a timely manner. The agency organizes different types of events for media such as conferences, seminars, informal meetings, media visits, demonstration events, product testing, etc. We apply a flexible approach and, when the situation is more appropriate, implement hybrid or entirely online events We carry on media monitoring, assess the coverage and analyze the extent to which the key messages have been reported.

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Our experience

“Schools of the future” competition

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