“Schools of the future” competition

Since 2013 Foundation “America for Bulgaria” organizes competition “Schools of the future” for modernization of school environment. Thanks to the financing received in the competition more than 30 thousand Bulgarian students in 45 schools have received access to new laboratories in natural science and are using up-to-date technologies.

Despite its social importance the competition has not received sufficient media coverage through the years. Our task was to attract the media attention to the large scale and importance of this project.

For realization of this task we used individual approach to key national and regional media. We offer interesting content for the media and included in communication not only representatives of the foundation, but also school directors and teachers from beneficiary schools.


We announced the beginning of the campaign for recruitment of candidates for the next edition of “Schools of the future” with special media event in a beneficiary school. We also sent a press release to national and regional media. In addition we offered to selected regional media to make an interview with the program director of the foundation. We established partnerships with 3 leading national media (TV, print and radio) which supported the competition.

The names of the winning 23 schools were announced in a press release to national media 2 weeks prior to the concluding event of the competition. We as well sent targeted emails to regional media to present the winning schools in their respective regions. We announced the concluding event of the competition with a separate press release. We invited national media on the event and coordinated conducting of interviews and publishing of exclusive materials.


  • 155 publications in media (with positive and informative tone)
  • 107 – in online media
  • 40 – in print media
  • 4 TV interviews with program director of the foundation
  • 2 interviews for national radio stations
  • 1-hour radio show on the topic
  • 2 interviews for print regional media
  • video interview for online media
  • The messages of the company were present in the coverage of the press releases and the media events. The name of the foundation was mentioned either in the title or the leading paragraph.
  • Journalists from 10 media attended the final event.


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