Media relations
Event management
Stakeholders relations

10 years campaign for popularization of Shell Eco-Marathon


Shell Eco-marathon is an international competition for energy efficiency in transport with the participation of students and pupils, aged 16-25, from all over the world (Europe, Asia and Americas). The first competition in Europe happened in 1985.

Bulgaria participated for the first time in Shell Eco-marathon Europe in 2008 with a team of students from the Technical University of Sofia and ever since Bulgarian teams compete with their peers from other European countries. The number of teams grew during the years and by 2019 Bulgaria participated with 6 teams.

During 2008-2019 Bulgarian students and pupils recorded  important achievements and thanks to their participation in SEMЕ many young engineers made their way up in the profession


  • Secure Bulgarian participation in SEM and increase it during the following years
  • Broadly communicate Shell Eco-marathon Europe mission and tell a successful story about Bulgarian participation in SEME
  • Strengthen the Shell’s relationships with institutional stakeholders and local authorities
  • Widely popularize the annual events for introducing the new Bulgarian SEME teams as a festival of high-profile youth innovations in transport


  • Continuous development of diverse news opportunities and creativity in content creation to maintain interest and raise awareness about the Bulgarian participation in the SEME
  • Reach out to Bulgarian schools and universities to create Bulgarian teams and raise awareness about SEME as an opportunity for career development of young tech talents
  • Establish and constantly widen the network of institutional partnerships and launch common communication initiatives
  • Support successful presenting of Bulgarian teams at the SEME competition


Media Relations

  • Content – 83 press releases, 2 infographics, 23 articles, 38 interviews, 6 videos, 4 radio games, 10 annual media launch events to seе off Bulgarian teams to European SEM competitions
  • 4 media events during Sofia Mobility Week (pan-EU initiative)
  • National drawing competition ’Energy efficiency in transport’ for children 5th-7th school grade
  • Communicate crafting of SEM Bulgaria anthem

Bulgarian teams

  • Continuous support in negotiations and setting up of Bulgarian teams of students and pupils
  • Media training for all students and pupils participating in SEM on annual basis
  • Sponsorship training for students and pupils participating in SEM on annual basis
  • Mentorship program for Bulgarian teams with participation of 4 mentors

Stakeholders Relations

  • Engage and maintain relations with relevant public institutions, organizations and local authorities
  • Solicit and keep patronages of relevant ministries – energy, environment, transport, sports and youth, and Bulgarian UNESCO representation
  • Focus on relations with Sofia municipality and Sofia City Mobility Center
  • Build and maintain relations with Bulgarian tech schools and universities
  • Organization of 6 events in universities and high schools for representing Shell Eco-Marathon


  • +3700 media publications – press releases, interviews, articles etc.– in national, general, business, automotive and specialized outlets
  • Tone of voice 100% positive
  • Key messages coverage 100%
  • Bulgaria launched successfully its participation in SEM in 2008 with one team
  • Increase number of Bulgarian teams to 6 in 2019
  • Technical University of Sofia team won three times second place in its category on European level
  • Provided opportunities for career development to 700+ students and pupils
  • Launch media events gathered total +250 journalists
  • Successful collaboration with mentors and influencers
  • Established relations with 130+ stakeholders from public institutions and academia
  • Gained on regular basis government institutions, municipalities and businesses support of SEM values
  • Gained support of SEM values on the Set continuous fruitful relations with 4 technical universities and 9 technical high schools nation-wide