Events management

You need:

  • organization of event that will be noticed
  • proposal on the format and the concept, which will help you to reach your goals
  • ideas about suitable place for your event
  • reliable partners and subcontractors

AMI Communications has a considerable experience in the organization of different types of events with diverse target groups, territory and scale. Thanks to our significant know-how we are able to create effective concepts and execute them in the best possible way. We consult our clients for the format (live, hybrid or online) and the topics, the scenario, the hosts, the participants and the fun part. The agency recommends appropriate days and time for the event, researches the event calendar in the certain field, suggests interesting locations, prepares decorations and branding. We execute the whole organization process and coordinate our actions with all of the involved parties and subcontractors. During the event itself, we organize and manage all activities and participants, and we monitor the plan.

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Our experience

Vienna Days in Sofia

Situation: Vienna Days were organized in 2017 in Sofia, as part of celebrating the 150th anniversary of the creation of the world-famous waltz with the name “On the beauti...