Crisis and issues management

You need:

  • to prepare the company for reaction in case of a crisis
  • to protect the corporate reputation in case of a problematic situation
  • to overcome a problem before it turns into a threat for you business
  • to neutralize negative media coverage
  • to prepare communication campaign on a sensitive topic in the society

AMI Communications offers a large set of services with which to prepare an organization to cope with unexpected situations that threaten its reputation. We assess the potential risks and develop crisis communication manuals. The agency helps its clients to set up a system for early alert and creates plans with preventive actions. We develop procedures for reaction in case of a crisis. Additionally, we take part in the establishment of the crisis team and its preparation. We also organize interactive trainings which include theory and simulations of crisis situations. Our considerable experience in the crisis management allow us to work professionally and efficiently even under high pressure. In a case of a crisis, we analyze the situation, provide strategic consultations, prepare communication plans and execute them in a very short timeframe.

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Our experience

Retaining the licenses of CEZ in Bulgaria

Situation: In the beginning of 2013 social discontent, provoked by higher than expected electricity bills, lead to massive protests and unprecedented political, institutional an...