Corporate communications

You need:

  • building and sustaining of a positive image of your company
  • assessment of the effectiveness of your communication activities and strategic recommendations
  • development of powerful corporate messages
  • building relations with stakeholders
  • recommendations on how to react in case of political, social and economic change

Corporate reputation is based on the internal and external publics’ perception of a company, which depends on the past actions of the organization and the future expectations about its behavior. AMI Communications develops and executes strategies presenting the company’s key messages, its expertise, its good practices and achievements. We work actively for the building of relations with stakeholders and support the establishment of dialogue. We also conduct communication audits, which show the extent to which the communication with the important publics is effective. Based on that, AMI Communications outlines specific guidelines for the future development of the company’s communications. In addition, we monitor the environment and analyze the changes in it. If reputational risks are identified, we recommend concrete action steps

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Our experience

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