Employer branding

You need:

  • to create an image of a “preferred employer” for your company
  • to attract and hold employees with high potential
  • to create working environment which is attractive and motivating for the employees
  • to engage the employees in the communication of the company and make them company “ambassadors”

AMI Communications will help you to build and strengthen your reputation as a reliable employer that is the best choice for the current and potential employees. We conduct researches and analyses of the competitors’ practices and messages. Additionally, we help our clients to define their advantages as employers, what makes them stand out and what they want to be associated with. The agency prepares communication campaigns and outlines key messages. By the use of communication tools and initiatives, we help the attracting of new employees and the holding of the existing ones. We present the good practices of the companies and emphasize their advantages and unique offers. AMI Communications develops employer brand through both diverse initiatives and targeted communication in the mainstream and social media. We work actively for the engagement of the current and potential employees’ community and for the creation of partnerships in the non-governmental sector.

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