• Over 2005-2015 Visa card payments in Europe have increased dramatically from 1 in every 12 euros to 1 in every 6 euros. According to a Visa study, consumers using multiple shopping channels spend about 15-30% more than those using only one channel. That’s why omni-channel trading opens up opportunities to increase sales for both merchants and Visa. Consumers over the age of 55 will contribute more than half of the growth in spending in developed markets over the next two decades, and by 2020 there will be 28 billion Internet-connected devices.


  • Popularize Visa Europe’s key innovative propositions to merchants in the country both for physical and online trade
  • Strengthen the relations between Visa Europe’s team and Bulgaria’s most important retailers for the development of its business
  • Enable Visa Europe’s Member banks to strengthen the relations with their clients


  • Raise awareness among merchants and business cardholders about Visa innovative products and services and benefits of card payments
  • Create opportunities for member banks of Visa to network with their customers – merchants and business cardholders and offer them directly tailored solutions


  • Organized by Visa in Bulgaria half-day event aimed at the retailers and business cardholders under the name “Digital Future”
  • Invite Bulgarian merchants, business cardholders and Visa bank-members
  • Presentations of foreign Visa keynote speakers & Visa associates in Bulgaria
  • Famous Bulgarian journalist for a moderator
  • Questionnaire poll for the attendees to receive feeedback about their sentiments for acceptance of card payments
  • Networking zone with high technology appliances
  • Branded stands of Visa banks-members
  • Press release distributed to selected key T1 national and specialized media


  • 100+ merchants and business cardholders attended the event among them representatives of Billa, Dunkin Donuts, Adidas, OMV, Fashion Days, Shell, Ciela, AgroBio and many others attended the event
  • Poll among attendees showed high level of satisfaction from the event content and networking opportunities
  • Visa received valuable feedback about merchants readiness for acceptance of card payments
  • 16 publications of the press release and 100% coverage of Visa key messages