Digital communications

The reading people of Sofia


Electronic payments are increasingly entering Europe’s urban environment, and transport is one of the places where they are used the most. Visa in Bulgaria became a partner of the Center for Urban Mobility in the technological provision of payments in the Sofia metro.


  • Promotion of digital payments at certain stations in the Sofia metro among the general public
  • Stimulation of POS payments in the subway
  • Raising the image of Visa as a leader in technological innovation


  • Attracting the attention of the general public through a digital communication campaign


Communication activities were bound with the current at the time Visa promotion award – electronic Kindle reader, and we opened up a campaign on the popular social channel for city photography People of Sofia (the local version of Humans of New York). The site is a unique digital photo album with more than 132 thousand followers, capturing the dynamics of the big city and the variety of faces we see every day around.

  • We invited 5 young people with different interests – a free-runner, a model, a journalist, a volunteer and an
  • We pictured those holding books, while traveling in the subway, and asked them to share personal stories about reading. The key messages and Visa campaign were subtly conveyed in the text, marking the benefits of digital payments.
  • In a period of five weeks, photos were published on the site of PeopleofSofia, Facebook, and Instagram, and positive associations and discussion on the advantages of electronic payments among users followed.


The 5-week campaign achieved:

  • 412 455 people were organically reached in the social media
  • 16 228 reacted to the posts with likes, comments & shares
  • We caught the attention of the popular Facebook Group „What are you reading/what is your read“, where photos have been shared and discussed
  • Visa in Bulgaria project web page hit 43 088 visits
  • Approximately 900 Visa card transactions were recorded at Sofia subway stations (12% increase to the same period of the previous year).