Corporate communications

Raising of VISA image as leader in digital payments in COVID-19 pandemic situation


In 2016 Visa Inc (US) launched the acquisition of Visa Europe to set the global leading payments technology company. Visa markets’ structure was shifted several times to find the best configuration, there were continuous staff changes and this all happened on the background of disruptive innovations in the fintech eco system towards digital and mobile payments.

At the end of 2019 new General Manager of Visa for Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus was appointed.

Due to the processes of acquisition and deal finalization over the period of 2016 to 2019 the new company communication was substantially slowed – press releases, interviews and participation in relevant events were limited in number especially on the Bulgarian market.

Meanwhile COVID-19 pandemic burst – a situation in which globally and in specific in SEE and in Bulgaria Visa plays important role for the small businesses surviving and for informing and educating people about the benefits of digital payments for social distancing and their health protection

Since the beginning of 2020 Visa took approach towards more active communication which coincided with COVID-19 pandemic.


Restore company’s communication, to endorse the new company philosophy and to take up its rightful place on topics where it has leading role and they are important for the company.


  • Proactive regular communication, creation of information opportunities and involvement in third parties relevant communication occasions.
  • Restoring of Visa leading positions on pressing topics for the people that impact directly their life as coronavirus pandemic and small businesses surviving.
  • Position Visa General Manager (GM) for Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus as thought leader on socially important topics such as innovations role, especially in pandemic situation, women’s inclusion and support for SMEs


  • Visa communication during March 2020 – February 2021 was focused on following topics:
  • Coronavirus pandemic and the role of digital payments for social distancing and protecting of people’s health; useful tips and guidance for the cardholders on how to use their cards online and offline safe and securely; participation of GM in Digital National Alliance online discussion “The economics of a quarantine or how to turn the COVID-19 crisis into a possibility” – 4 press releases, 9 advertorials
  • Visa support for small businesses, especially in COVID-19 situation – 5 press releases, 6 advertorials
  • Innovations in payment industry and new Visa products on the Bulgarian market; news about Visa Innovation Program (VIP); participation of GM in panel discussion in DigitalK 2020 marketing and technologies forum in SEE; organizing of online Demo Day for VIP startups on DigitalK with the participation of GM; hybrid launch of innovative shopping card with partner bank with the participation of GM; participation of the GM in the jury of the Forbes Business Awards 2021 – 7 press releases, 10 advertorials, 6 videos about startups, participation in the first year of VIP
  • Women empowerment in businesses and sports; involvement of prominent Bulgarian athlete Ivet Lalova in Visa Olympic Team; participation of GM with key note speech in hybrid Forbes Women Forum; participation of CM with key note speech in hybrid SHEleader@digital – 4 press releases, 5 advertorials
  • Representing of Visa values and policies on its role during the pandemic, support for small businesses, innovations and women empowerment – interviews of Visa General Manager for Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus in:
  • 24 chasa daily – dedicated on the digital and card payments advantages, innovation program for fintech startups in Bulgaria (VIP) and Visa’s women empowerment campaigns
  • Forbes magazine – about VIP and women empowerment campaign of the company
  • Manager magazine – focused on the COVID-19 effect on the business and payment industry, women empowerment initiatives of Visa, VIP and how the company supports fintech ecosystem
  • LeadersTalk e-platform – 4 videos positioning the General Manager of Visa for Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus as leader with weighty attitudes on hot topics of society’s interest
  • bg – with focus on the economic effect of COVID-19 and Visa role for SMEs support
  • Digital communication
  • 39 Twitter posts on Visa in Bulgaria account
  • 33 LinkedIn posts on the profile of GM


  • Substantial coverage of Visa communication
  • +300 publications
  • 2 mln reach
  • 100% key messages penetration
  • Participation in 5 key events in digital innovations and technologies, economy digitization and women empowerment
  • Visa messages reached total 13,468 attendees. Out of them:
  • 35% – CEOs and Senior management (COO, CMO, CFO), women entrepreneurs – 12%, 9% – journalists from general, business and technology media
  • banks and financial institutions – 31%; IT companies – 22%; service providers – 8%; telecoms and Internet – 5%, others – 34%
  • Visa restored its positions on leading for the society topics
  • The General Manager was endorsed as a thought leader and desired leader on important topics and sector trends