Moving forward with high spirit

Short summary of the project

  • Aurubis is world copper producer. In Bulgaria one of the biggest industrial companies in Bulgarian economy and is responsible employer in the region of Srednogorie, especially in municipalities of Pirdop, Zlatitsa, Anton, Mirkovo etc.
  • The company’s staff is close to 900 employees and it is highly diverse – it includes people with very different ages, professions, level and type of education. As the production processes demand work on shifts, many employees who work at one and the same place know each other vaguely. Others at all have no relation as they work in different buildings and in different location, including different cities – in Sofia (administration office) and the plant in the town of Zlatitsa. Company’ employees also live in different municipalities and locations in the Srednogorie region.
  • Aurubis aspires to build good work atmosphere and team spirit as the company believes that contributes this way to employees’ well-being, business performance and innovations.


The communication problems to be solved:

  • Create opportunities to unify the diverse pool of Aurubis employees and get acquainted with each other
  • Affirm connections between teams and lift team spirit after pandemic limitations
  • Build a closer relationship between management and employees
  • Increase staff satisfaction
  • Improve staff engagement with the company
  • Further image building of employer brand

Strategic approach

To respond to existing challenges, we outlined the following strategic approach:

  • Selection of topics and formats that are of interest for ample circle of employees – entertainment, sports and well-being
  • Propose activities that will attract them to participate and engage personally – fests, sports competitions, education initiatives
  • Active participation of management in all activities

Project implementation

The following events and initiatives were organized:


  • Bicycle Tour from Sofia to Srednogorie – 55 km (June 2022) – competition for Aurubis employees in partnership with sports NGO, opened for external public. With participation of +100 Aurubis employees and their families. Open air party at the final spot in Zlatitsa town with food and drinks.•Sport fishing competition – with the participation of +60 Aurubis employees at a Srednogorie dam. Awards and open air party on spot with food and drinks.


  • Open Doors Day for employees’ kids (November 2022) – presentation to the employees’ kids how Aurubis plant work. The project is part of the UN Global Compact program “I am proud of the work of my parents”.
  • Health and Safety Week (April 2022) – internal presentation about hands safety in production, internal survey, education video
  • Summer School for employees children – with 53 kids, divided in groups

Entertainment and leisure

  • Puppet theatre for employees’ kids of “Baron Munchausen” fiction, attended by +120 children from Pirdop and Zlatitsa towns
  • Christmas party (December 2022) – annual thematic Christmas event “It’s… electric” with thematic accessories, games, foods and drinks, special atmosphere and live entertainment. +400 employees attended the party.

Voluntary activities

  • Fish stocking of Dushantsi Dam –28 Aurubis employees
  • Planting of trees and flowers in towns of Zlatitsa and Pirdop and at Dushantsi Dam – 277 Aurubis employees
  • Charity Christmas bazaar – 56 employees

Event management activities:

  • Announcement campaigns for 9 events and initiatives – invitations, posters, internal communication
  • Management of 5 events – concepts development, selection and coordination of subcontractors and performers, deliverers of food and drinks, technical equipment companies
  • Branding for 6 events – fix banners, branded stages, balloons
  • Decoration for 5 events – concept development, selection and coordination of subcontractors
  • Selection and coordination of +40 subcontractors and 11 performers
  • Support for voluntary activities – coordination of deliveries and internal communication
  • Work with third parties and NGOs – coordination and organization of activities

Communication activities:

  • 17 press releases published in T1 national and regional media
  • 10 exclusive articles for 4 activities in T1 national and regional media
  • 4 activities communication distributed by partners’ channels
  • Digital communication in own and partners’ channels for 5 activites

Project efficiency and results

  • 84% of the employees participated on avg in all events
  • Internal surveys about the organized events showed on average 86% of participated employees’ satisfaction with the events organization and expressed willingness to participate in the upcoming activities
  • During the events the employees networked with each other and build strong team spirit which became visible during their daily work as noted by their managers
  • Thanks to the all performed activities the employees were able to communicate with their managers outside of work and on different topics beside work related ones as well as to find common interests and hobbies
  • 254 publications of press releases and 847,000 reach contributed to employer brand image building
  • 24,800 reach of exclusive articles
  • 29 posts on Aurubis Bulgaria Facebook page, 1436 reactions – likes, comments, shares