Brand PR

Launch of new product – alcohol free beer (AFB) Birell


We live in times when people strive to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Because of this, they pay more and more attention to the quality of the food and drinks they consume. At the same time, they don’t want to compromise and lose their favourite flavours. Driven by its mission to meet the wishes of consumers, Carlsberg Bulgaria (Carlsberg Bulgaria) launched Birell on the local market – the new brand of alcohol-free beer, which preserves the taste qualities of traditional beer and enables consumers to drink it while driving or exercising.


  • Introducing Birell beer to the market
  • Creating a positive impression on the market among target audiences
  • Positioning Birell as a leading brand among non-alcoholic beer brands


  • Associating Birell beer with a healthy lifestyle
  • Drive target audience interest in Birell through online opinion leaders and media


  • Direct mailing with Birell beer to selected editorial offices, bloggers and vloggers to trigger buzz among trendsetters about the new taste
  • Media lunch with selected journalists. Offering healthy food that captures the spirit of the product and photo opportunities
  • Thematic present for all media lunch guests – branded hand bandage for smartphone
  • Press release distributed to national general, business, lifestyle and specialized media
  • Infographic – simple, step-by-step illustration of the non-alcoholic beer market development, distributed with the press release and used in advertorials
  • Interviews of Birell Brand Manager and Carlsberg Bulgaria Marketing Manager for T1 business media
  • Advertorials in lifestyle media
  • Participation of Birell team of Carlsberg employees journalists and influencers in the Legion Run sport event – formed team of 20 people


  • 112 publications
  • 890 mln reach
  • 100% key messages penetration
  • 778 mentions of Birell
  • Raised awareness of Birell introducing the brand in front of media and successfully built relevance through lifestyle associations
  • Positive feedback was obtained on the spot and in follow-up conversations with both media and bloggers