The rotavirus gastroenteritis is a common virus in Bulgaria and quite often children suffer from it before they turn age of five.

The infection runs sharply and is detrimental to children as it causes dehydration and may even lead to death among infants.

Most pregnant women in Bulgaria were not well-informed about the essence of the infection process and when and how they can protect their babies from developing it.

The existing vaccine of GlaxoSmithKline is recommendable (not obligatory) for the immunizations calendar and it is free of charge for applying to newly born babies (from 6th week to second month) by 2020 end.


  • Raise awareness of the dangers from the Rotavirus and inform pregnant women how they can prevent their babies from infections via vaccination.


  • Partner with relevant NGOs to reach proper audience – women who await baby
  • Represent information about the disease and how it affects babies and opportunities to limit the risk


  • Set partnerships with 23 pregnant women schools in 22 big cities in Bulgaria
  • 27 forums participations with distribution of educational materials
  • 362 lectures were organized in 23 pregnancy schools
  • Build a credible net of medical experts (doctors) to educate the pregnant women in Rotarix vaccine importance
  • Participate in series of educational seminars for pregnant women, delivered by distinguished health care specialists
  • Distribute educational materials about Rotarix vaccine and its significance for children’s health


  • +5,000 future mothers attended the events during the 10 years of campaign
  • Raised awareness about infection and its implications
  • Rise of number of vaccinated babies and limiting the risk of infection