CSR & Sustainability

CSR program for financial literacy ‘Our Money’ (2017-2020)


A nationally representative survey conducted in 2016 showed that the most recognizable financial institution among students of grades 9-11 is the “pawnshop”. Even among those who consider themselves financially literate, only 9% know all financial terms. At the same time, 84% of high school students say they would like to study financial literacy in school.

These impressive facts about the level of financial literacy among Bulgarian high school students and their desire to know more about finance and economics were the latest great proof for Visa in Bulgaria and Bulgarian banks that there is an urgent need for a large-scale financial literacy program.


  • Support Bulgarian high schools in educations their pupils in financial literacy
  • Support coming generation in personal finances management and help them to acquire important skills that are basic for successful entrepreneurship in the future


  • Develop nation-wide program for educating of high school pupils in financial literacy and provide for needed tools and channels
  • Involve relevant partners among academia and education NGOs
  • Attract teachers and directors attention to the program via direct communication and opportunities for training and career development
  • Catch pupils’ interest to the program via targeted to them activities in social media


High schools education program

  • Crafting of program and schedule for f2f training of pupils
  • Set partnerships with education institutions and online education platform
  • Crafting of text book and exercise book
  • 4 trainings of total +150 teachers and +120 directors in teaching financial literacy
  • 2 workshops for teachers at national education conferences
  • +12,700 lessons teached f2f to pupils 9-11 grade
  • Closed Facebook group of high schools teachers and directors for exchange of expertise between them on f2f training of pupils and administration of the program
  • 3 ceremonial handing of certificates to pupils for successfully passed training by the Visa Country Manager

 Media campaign

  • Press conference with participation of all partners
  • Media lunch of Visa Country Manager with 7 key journalists
  • Press releases – 8
  • 6 interviews of Visa Country Manager in T1 media
  • 32 advertorials in 5 national and regional media
  • 3 media events for ceremonial handing of certificates to pupils by the Visa Country Manager

 Digital campaign

  • 45 animated video lessons based on the text book were developed by the online education platform
  • Digital campaign Pocket Science – website and Facebook page
  • Pupils received opportunity to buy fashion clothes from the website with knowledge thanks to points piled after they solve right tests of financial literacy, attached to the animated videos
  • Two fashion lines were developed to attract pupils interest and stimulate them to watch videos and solve tests – hoodies, t-shirts, caps, patches, branded with financial terms. Every item’s label contained explanation of the corresponding financial term
  • Facebook page Pocket Science supported communication to pupils and receiving their feedback about the program as a whole
  • 31 Visa Twitter account posts


  • +6700 pupils trained f2f in financial literacy
  • +120 high schools in 53 cities nation-wide participated in the program
  • +80 participants at two national education conferences workshops
  • 77% average rise of financial literacy among pupils trained f2f, based on results from incoming and outgoing tests
  • +350 media publications with 100% positive tone of voice in national and regional media
  • Press conference, media lunch and media events for handing of certificates with the participation of +85 journalists
  • +218,000 pupils received basic financial literacy knowledge through watching at least 4 videos at online educational platform
  • +60,000 online tests passed successfully by the participants in Pocket Science digital campaign
  • Average success of tests solving at – 83%
  • +10,500 fashion items received by pupils as award for their knowledge through Pocket Science digital campaign