Decommissioning of TPP Varna

In 2014 the company-owner of TPP Varna – CEZ, faced a serious challenge. That was the last year in which the blocks of the power plant could work under the approved complex permit. Final discussions with institutions and trade unions in search of opportunities to extend the life of the TPP were due to be held. Serious media interest was expected.


AMI Communications Bulgaria developed a campaign for preventative crisis communication, which helped CEZ to present its arguments in the discussion on the future of TPP Varna. We decided to use open, proactive and educational communication, with the help of which to mitigate negative moods and to avoid consequences for the reputation and business of CEZ.



  • Communication with representatives of institutions of 3 consecutive governments (2 regularly elected and one care-taker cabinet)
  • 2 working groups for search of opportunity for prolonging the life of the TPP
  • 9 press releases
  • 9 interviews
  • 2 analysis, published in media
  • 1 media event
  • 9 meetings with workers and syndicates




The campaign managed to accomplish its preliminary goals. The announcement of the decommissioning of TPP Varna was met with understanding from major interested parties. There were no attacks from state institutions to CEZ on the TPP Varna case.


In the campaign period – from April to November 2014 , 89% of media coverage had positive or neutral tone and was presenting the key messages of CEZ in the campaign.


Number of negative publications remained low even during the months when trade unions were most active in their attacks on the company.