CSR & Sustainability

ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 Communication during the first months of COVID-19 pandemic (March-December 2020)


TPP ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 is one of the key power generating capacities In Bulgaria. Producing over 10 pct of the annual national electricity output it plays important role for the stability of the power system of the country.

CGME3 is employing some 500 people and at the same time securing over 4000 indirect jobs. The company is also providing significant financial support to the local communities in Galabovo and Stara Zagora.

In March 2020 the pandemic of COVID-19 expanded in Bulgaria and the authorities introduced restrictive measures to limit it. In this situation, CGME3 had to:

  • take measures to protect its employees and inform them about the safety procedures they have to respect at their working places
  • ensure the wide public that it would continue undisrupted electricity production
  • voice its continuing support to the people in the region of Galabovo and Stara Zagora.


  • Provide detailed information to employees on the taken safety measures and the rules they need to respect
  • Present steps taken to guarantee undisrupted electricity production in the pandemic situation
  • Express support for the local communities in Galabovo and Stara Zagora and inform on CGME3 activities aimed at helping the region against Covid-19.


  • Regular communication on topics related to the measures CGME3 is taking to guarantee safety and health of its employees, reliable production of electricity and help for the local communities
  • Involve employees, beneficiaries and representatives of local authorities in the communication
  • Be flexible in regard of communication approaches in order to overcome limitations resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • 23 press releases related to undertaken health & safety measures, maintenance activities, produced electricity, innovative practices introduced in the TPP to overcome Covid-19 limitations (VR glasses for distant inspections, equipment of a hotel for employees), successfully completed CSR projects, COVID-19 fight related donations made by the company
  • 3 videos presenting completed CSR projects to replace for live events that could not be organised during the pandemic & include comments by beneficiaries
  • 4 interviews with representatives of CGME3 management on safety measures, reorganisation of business during the pandemic, donations for COVID-19 fight
  • 11 articles and features including comments by employees, beneficiaries and experts about CGME3 as an employer, the importance of the TPP, its CSR projects and social contribution, cooperation with local authorities
  • Redirecting the CSR program for the region of Galabovo and Stara Zagora to Covid-19 fight initiatives at national and local level.


  • Over 400 pro-actively driven publications in 78 national and regional media
  • Over 5 million pro-actively reached audience
  • Majority publications covering CGME3 key messages
  • Hundreds of views in YouTube of the videos produced for CSR projects of the TPP
  • Over 150 000 euro allocated to support fight against the virus at local level.