Modernization of the critical infrastructure of Sofia

In line with its license obligations CEZ Distribution Bulgaria must manage, maintain and invest in development of power facilities in Western Bulgaria. Part of this facilities represent critical energy infrastructure of Bulgaria. These are facilities on which depends the normal functioning of key governmental institutions, hospitals, public transportation and schools. Every breakdown of these facilities could have strong consequences for the safety of the country. At the same time CEZ Distribution needs the approval of the energy regulator for planning of the necessary investment resources for the rehab of the facilities of the critical infrastructure.


In the period 2012-2014, with the support of AMI Communications, CEZ Bulgaria conducted PR campaign for argumentation of the need of modernization of the critical infrastructure of Sofia. The goal of the campaign was to draw the attention of the society and the institutions to the need of renovation of key energy facilities in the capital city and to encourage the regulator to approve allocation of bigger investments for the power distribution network.



The campaign was focused on active and continuous communication with the media and the institutions. For two years were organized 8 media events to mark realization of investment projects connected with the critical infrastructure. 23 press releases were sent to media and over 50 letters were sent to stakeholders. Representatives of CEZ gave 11 interviews. Key point in the campaign was the held round table with the participation of 70 experts, representative of the institutions, media and the stakeholders.



  • 828 media publications on the topic of critical infrastructure:
  • 129 in print media
  • 652 in online media
  • 45 in televisions and radio stations
  • Close cooperation and support from Sofia municipality and Chamber of Construction of Bulgaria
  • Public debate on the subject with the participation of interested parties
  • Signing of 5-year program for investments and common action of CEZ Bulgaria and Sofia Municipality for development of critical infrastructure in the capital city.



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