Bulgarian participation in Shell Eco-Marathon 2016

Shell Eco-marathon Europe is Shell’s educational initiative for students over the age of 16, which encourages finding sustainable mobility solutions in the context of decreasing energy resources. Thus Shell develops leadership qualities and skills among the future scientists and engineers. In 2016 Shell organized Shell Eco-marathon Europe for the 31st time. Bulgaria participates in the project for the ninth consecutive year, represented by three teams – the Technical Universities of Sofia and Varna and the Rural Management, Forestry and Tourism Professional Highschool “N. Vaptsarov” – Chepelare.


The campaign aimed to: present the Bulgarian teams in Shell Eco-marathon Europe and their energy efficient vehicles; to promote Shell Eco-marathon Europe’s initiative and position Shell as a company which inspires young designers and engineers to develop new approaches to sustainable mobility. An additional challenge was the necessity to keep participants motivated throughout the whole process of preparing for the competition and dealing with various difficulties.


We directed our efforts towards creating partnerships with governmental, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and corporations as well as their active engagement with the campaign. We attracted media partners and actively promoted the work of students among journalists. We gave the teams the necessary skills to present their project in a positive and appealing way in the media and business environment, to win support and build long-term relations with sponsors and partners.



  • We conducted trainings in how to interact with the media and ensure sponsorships for all Bulgarian teams, taking part in the initiative
  • We actively promoted the work of students in the media by sending 8 press releases
  • We established partnerships with state organizations aiming to enrich the campaign and gain wider coverage. We ensured the patronage of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Environment and Water and the National Commission of the Republic of Bulgaria for UNESCO.
  • We organized an event for the Bulgarian participants in Shell Eco-marathon, attended by more than 20 journalists, representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Environment and Water, the National Commission of the Republic of Bulgaria for UNESCO, the UK and Dutch ambassadors, company employees and partners.
  • We established relations between Shell and key corporate partners to facilitate the implementation of their sustainable development policies in practice. The initiative was supported by three companies, which also lead sustainable development policy – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Bulgaria, ING Bank Sofia Branch and Nestle Bulgaria



  • A total of 414 TV, radio, print and online publications increasing media coverage by 3% compared to 2015
  • We achieved advertising value equivalent of EUR 180 000, which is an improvement of 5% compared to 2015
  • We helped students be more efficient in their interactions with the media as well as in finding sponsors
  • We strengthened the good relationship with the state institutions that have been supporting us for several years
  • We played a key role in establishing partnerships between Shell and three other companies in the field of sustainable development corporate policies, which declared their intention to continue supporting their partnership with Shell Eco-marathon in the future.