Event management

“Aurubis 1” PV park construction launch


In June 2021 Aurubis planned the official launch of construction of “Aurubis 1” – the biggest photovoltaic (PV) park for own needs. The project is part of the long-term investment program of Aurubis and of its policy for sustainable development and transition to green economy. With the building of the new capacity, Aurubis Bulgaria will optimize the external electricity consumption by about 11 700 MWh per year and will provide production equivalent of electricity for 3,500 households annually – the annual consumption of Pirdop and Zlatitsa put together. Thanks to the PV plant, 15,000 tons of carbon emissions will be saved annually.


  • Present the “Aurubis 1” project and its benefits in the context of transition to low-carbon economy
  • Outline the Aurubis Group and Aurubis Bulgaria overall sustainable policies and practices


  • Communicate the PV park as part of the long-term strategy of Aurubis
  • Underline the positive impact of the “Aurubis 1” project
  • Present the project in current news context of energy transition topic


  • Organize on the construction spot media event with participation of representatives of relevant public institutions, local authorities and Aurubis AG & Aurubis Bulgaria management and photovoltaic panels installment and symbolic signing of panels by officials during the event
  • Media trip for selected national T1 and regional media – TV, print and online, general, business and specialized outlets
  • Journalists received info kit with interesting facts
  • 5 interviews pitching and coordination:
    • Roland Harrings, CEO of Aurubis AG – bg, 24 Hrs
    • Ulf Gehrkens, Senior Vice President Energy & Climate – Bulgaria on Air TV & Bloomberg TV,
  • Press release distribution to the national and regional media


  • PV construction opening with the participation of senior government officials and key stakeholders
  • 100% key messages penetration in all publications (press releases, interviews)
  • 15+ journalists from national T1 and regional media attended
  • 60+ publications of the press release and interviews in national, general, business, specialized and international media
  • 300+ mentions of Aurubis
  • 5+ mln reach
  • 100% visibility of Aurubis brand
  • 100% positive tone of voice of the publications
  • 6% usage of Aurubis brand visuals