Events management

20 years Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group


One of the leading life insurance companies in Bulgaria – Bulstrad Life Wien Insurance Group celebrated 20 years of presence on the Bulgarian market. The company planned to mark its anniversary with a remarkable event with which to underline its mission and role in society.


  • Create a thematic event with a focus on the corporate values, mission, and vision of the company, as well as presenting the innovative approaches of Bulstrad Life Wien Insurance Group as a future-oriented company.
  • Engage stakeholders – the company’s shareholders, employees, customers, partners, industry leaders, the media, representatives of the non-governmental sector, and institutions.
  • Demonstrate the “human face” of the company and put accent on its contribution to society


  • Applying a totally new approach to celebrating an anniversary – instead of summarizing what has been done in the last 20 years, celebrating the future – what is to come in the next 20 years
  • Promotion of the corporate social responsibility policy by selecting a cause to be supported by the company
  • Presenting the history of Bulstrad Life Wien Insurance Group through the viewpoint of “the human and positive future”
  • Define a general frame of the event with the introduction part and the official speeches with the two main messages:

– Stepping on the foundations that Bulstrad Life has successfully built over the last 20 years, we want to move forward to the future that we can create together.

– This future is our responsibility and is built on our core values ​​and sense of empathy. It is in our hands and it is up to us to do what we want – human, positive, ecological and desirable.

  • Encourage guests to actively participate in the event



  • Location: Sofia Event Center – the high-technological hall in Sofia
  • 270-degree projection on the walls of the hall with changing visions coordinated with the script
  • Neon-lit bars, furniture, and catering equipment
  • Thematic catering, in accordance with the futuristic concept of the event, a healthy lifestyle, and the understanding of maintaining harmony with the world around
  • Attractive program with laser show, performances of world-famous classical works with electronic beats, ballet, and demonstration of a popular master confectioner of making ice cream with the help of liquid nitrogen

CSR initiatives:

  • As a special gift for the society, Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group is committed to supporting a CSR initiative – attendees were given the opportunity to choose which initiative to support among three proposals
  • The global initiative in which employees of the company took participation was presented – Movember (to promote the prevention and fight against prostate cancer)

Involvement of the guests in the initiatives and the program:

  • invitation to come to the event with an accessory that they would wear in the next 20 years
  • writing a wish to Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group in a special “Book of the Future”
  • participation of the guests in the selection of a CSR initiative to be supported by Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group
  • Involvement of those present as assistants to the master chef in the preparation of ice cream.


  • Nearly 500 out of a total of 520 guests were presented.
  • Among the guests were the Austrian Ambassador, the CEO of Vienna Insurance Group – the main international shareholder of the company and top managers of companies in the financial and insurance sector in Bulgaria.
  • Positive feedback and wishes in the Book of the Future
  • The guests became active participants in the event.