20 years Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group

For its 20-year birthday Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group gathered 500 guests on its unique celebration party – representatives of the insurance and financial sector, partners, clients, shareholders and nongovernmental organizations.


The event combined an unforgettable experience of one futuristic thematic party with classy corporative cocktail. The company sent a clear message to the people attending and the society about its vision for shared responsibility of every single person and the society in general for creating a better and more humane future. In the event was also delicately presented the company CSR policy and their support for a few important social causes.



  • Location: Sofia Event Center – the most high-tech hall in Sofia
  • Specially made 270-degree projection on the walls with completely in line with the scenario
  • Thematic catering
  • Live feed in capital moments from the event
  • Host and attractive performances
  • “Desert from the Future” – ice-cream made with the help of liquid nitrogen
  • Corporate Social Responsibility initiative for children deprived of parental care
  • Voting for 1 of 3 social initiatives and announcing the scores live
  • Networking with guests



  • 500 people attended of 520 people invited
  • Among the guests were the Austrian Ambassador, the CEO of Vienna Insurance Group – the main international shareholder of the company and top management people form the insurance and financial sector in Bulgaria
  • Positive feedback and good wishes in “The book of the future”
  • Guests became active participants in the event




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