Media trainings

You need to:

  • find out more about the media environment and the way journalists work
  • develop your communication skills
  • learn how to formulate and present your messages in the best possible way
  • prepare to answer difficult and provocative questions
  • apply the acquired communication skills in a real situation

We organize trainings to introduce the speakers of companies / organizations wih the world of media and journalism. We brief them about the specifics the media environment, the different types of media, the nature of their work and we provide useful advices on how to communicate with journalists. We guide them on how to prepare for their performances, what language to use and how to build their key messages so that to be good and effective speakers. We review together the most important information about their company and prepare them on how to answer of possible questions of the journalists. We recommend strategies and tactics for overcoming unexpected and crisis situations. Following the initial preparation we simulate real cases in which we give the opportunity to test the acquired skills for communication with the media. We analyze the practical part and outline the directions in which we must continue to work.

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