CSR & Sustainability

Support and care for well-being of people of Srednogorie during COVID-19 pandemic


Aurubis is world player in copper production, one of biggest industrial companies in Bulgarian economy, who plays important role as responsible corporate citizen in the region of Srednogorie.

Part of the company’s activities is its CRS initiatives for the environment and the well-being of the people from the region. Aurubis Bulgaria implements on annual basis a wide range of social projects at the national and regional level by combining its corporate values with its objective of helping people. The company believes that people should feel that the company working near their homes is socially engaged and working in their interests.

Aurubis Bulgaria’s projects are implemented through social agreements with the Municipalities of Pirdop and Zlatitsa. They are fulfilled on an annual basis and reflect the social policy of the company and the priorities of the respective municipalities.

Several communication problems were faced due to COVID-19 pandemic situation as it prevented people’s gatherings and swallowed up society’s attention:

  • In 2020 COVID-19 pandemic changed seriously life in health, economic and social aspect. Many people fell ill, health concerns grew, there was a strong pressure on the health system. In result of economic slump people lost their jobs and earnings and this brought concerns about future. After restrictions entered into force people fell in social isolation and communication became very limited.
  • The new reality changed the priorities and needs of communities in Srednogorie region.
  • Due to the pandemic and restrictions were limited mass events and gatherings which were sufficient part of Aurubis Bulgaria support for the wellbeing of the local communities



  • In this situation the company decided to work in following directions:
  • Help people in the region to fight COVID-19 pandemic
  • Bring back the feeling for normality
  • Turn the public attention towards economic perspectives for new jobs opportunities



  • Corporate social responsibility initiatives and additionally allocated funds for local communities to cope with COVID-19 pandemic
  • Adaptation of existing initiatives to new situation of restrictions and gatherings limitations for the people in the region
  • Outline perspectives for economic development by promoting the region as tourist destination
  • Give certainty to the communities that as always they will receive support by communicating initiatives and activities of Aurubis Bulgaria



In 2020 Aurubis successfully implemented social responsibility projects under its CSR program in three key areas:

  • Donations and support to the fight of local communities in Srednogorie region with COVID-19
  • Through its partnership programs with the municipalities of Zlatitsa and Pirdop, as well as additional budgets, Aurubis supported schools and kindergartens in the area, builded and maintained sports facilities, supported community centers, amateur teams and sports clubs, disadvantaged people in regard to COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020 the company supported the two municipalities with BGN 1.52 million, BGN 1.36 million in support of education, culture and a healthy lifestyle in pandemic situation, and BGN 160,000 for the hospital in Pirdop.
  • The budget (35k BGN) for the Family day, annual event for employees and their families, partners and clients of Aurubis, was donated to support online educational activities in Zlatitsa and Pirdop municipalities during pandemic restrictions.
  • Donation (60k BGN) in partnership with other two companies in the region for the hospital in Pirdop aimed to support the facility for its fight against COVID-19
  • Bring back the feeling for normality
  • Nature Fest – previous two years it was a two-days event for mountain bike ride and running, but due to the pandemic in 2020 it was transformed in one-month individual race with reporting and tracking online of individual results. It was co-organised by Aurubis and Begach NGO.
  • Live-streamed theatre for children (1st June 2020) – online event aimed to surprise the children Aurubis’ employees and from the region on World Children’s Day in pandemic situation. The performance “Max and Moritz” of Vuzrajdane theatre was live streamed for children of Srednogorie region during the whole day, and was watched 432 times by 276 households.
  • Popularization of Srednogorie region as tourist destination
  • Photo plain air – co-organised photo event by Aurubis and the Municipalities of Zlatitsa, Pirdop and Anton. The participants were invited to visit the nature and culture landmarks in Srednogorie region, make photos and participate in photo competition to enrich local visual archive. The participation in it was on individual principle and everyone whowanted to join had to send a photo/s from a list of landmarks
  • “Grandspa’s Mitten” project – the aim of the project is to turn Zlatitsa town where Aurubis plant is situated in a unique tourist destination. Thanks to this project the famous fairy tale “Grandpa’s Mitten” of the Bulgarian writer Elin Pelin comes to life in the town. Supported by Aurubis, prominent sculptors already are working on creating sculptures of fairy tale’s characters as well as of big book displaying the fairy tale’s text.


Communication activities:

  • Announcing campaigns for all initiative – posters, media flashes, invitations, instructions for participants
  • 8 press releases issued to T1 national and regional media
  • 14 exclusive articles in regional media
  • Online and hybrid events management – concepts development, selection and coordination of subcontractors, technical equipment companies
  • Communication to municipalities and partnering NGOs – information letters, invitations
  • 176 social media posts in Aurubis’s Facebook page and of the municipalities of the region
  • Digital communication in own and partners’ channels – special events pages, posts, photos and videos


  • Communities in Srednogorie region received tangible support in fight with coronavirus, additional funds were provided
  • Thanks to implemented initiatives were created opportunities for improving of people’s lifestyle and spirit lifting
  • The awareness about the region as tourist destination was raised
  • +65 amateur photographers sent their photos of natural and culture landmarks of Srednogorie region and filled-in visuals funds of municipalities of Zlatitsa, Pirdop and Anton.
  • +500 children of Srednogorie region watched the theatre play – 12% watched it 6-9 times
  • Realization of existing initiatives in the new pandemic situation
  • +350 people participated in Nature Fest
  • People participating in the Nature Fest shared their satisfaction with the initiative in COVID-19 situation in comments on Aurubis and municipalities Facebook pages

Achieving wide coverage of initiatives and key messages of Aurubis Bulgaria

  • 108 publications of the press releases in T1 national and regional media
  • 33,455 reach of exclusive articles
  • 176 posts with 9234 reactions – likes, comments, shares