The 2018 World Cup saw the fourth FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola. Bulgaria hosted the tour for the first time ever and local fans received the opportunity to see the Trophy.

The mission of AMI Communications was to launch a PR campaign to memorize the arrival of the Trophy and to catch the attention not only of football fans, but also of all people with sense for important and significant public events. The Agency was responsible for the communication with institutions, stakeholders and media and to attract them as guests on the welcome ceremony of the Trophy at Sofia Airport.


Activities / Execution:


The goals of the campaign were to promote the upcoming event to the general public, to provoke excitement and to create positive Coca-Cola brand experience and associations. To achieve these we realized the below stated activities:

Warm-up (December 1, 2017 – February 13, 2018)

  • Communication with public institutions and meeting institutional stakeholders.
  • Organizing flash mobs. Media representatives and random passengers had the chance to become part of flash mobs at central locations in Sofia with participation of the young football talents of Levski Football Club. Parallel events on the territory of two key stations of Sofia subway took place, at peak time with utmost number of passengers – in the morning, at noon and at the end of the business day. They were an effective way of communicating the FIFA Trophy visit to Sofia and served as an invitation to Sofia residents to attend the event.
  • Announcing Trophy Tour in 2 press releases

Welcoming the TrophyFebruary 14, 2018

  • Official ceremony to welcome the original FIFA World Cup Trophy in Bulgaria
  • Communication with representatives of the EU Presidency, the Government, the Parliament, Sofia Municipality, distinguished athletes and journalists, and logistical support for welcoming the Trophy at Sofia Airport
  • Event for fans at Sofia Event Center – setting up media corner, managing media relations and logistics
  • Press release, distributed to the national media, and on-site support for interviews

Results / Key highlights:

 (December 2017 – February 2018)

  • The flash mobs surprised more than 2 000 people
  • Representatives of the EU Presidency, the Government, the Parliament and local authorities, distinguished athletes and over 15 journalists welcomed the FIFA World Cup Trophy at Sofia Airport
  • Over 5 000 people along with 20 medias saw the Trophy at Sofia Event Center
  • 122 publications covered the campaign – 11 TV reports, (12 min. in prime-time),
    3 print materials and 108 online articles
  • We arranged 3 interviews with Coca-Cola managers
  • Media reached 5.1 million people, AVE – more than 420 000 BGN




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